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Trends tattoo Ideas For Choosing Armband Tattoo

Trends tattoo Ideas For Choosing Armband Tattoo
Trends tattoo Ideas For Choosing Armband Tattoo
An armband tattoo design will project your personality in one way or another. Getting body art on your arm will speak a lot about your character. The armband in particular is popular, because many of them are tribal in nature. Many people, men in particular, sport them to show off their culture or heritage. Every single day there are more and more designs available, so you need to keep an eye out for the latest artwork that will suit your personality.

1. Half sleeve
- This is a popular design that celebrities such as Eminem have. Some people only want to cover a small area of their arm, some people want to cover the entire arm, and some want something in between. This is a great choice if you are one who wants something average sized. You can be very creative with this design, as the color and element possibilities are endless.
2. Rose and thorns- This choice is more popular with women than men. Many women like to get a chain of roses and thorns tattooed around their arms. There are tons of different styles when it comes to this armband tattoo. You'll be surprised over the number of ways a rose and thorn can be drawn!
3. The water dragon - Not all dragons breathe fire. There are also water dragons. If you would prefer cooler colors rather than warm, then this might be a good choice for you. The myths aside, there are also real lizard-like animals that are called water dragons. Some people prefer having them as tattoos than the mythical creature.These are just a few of the many choices you have. A few other possibilities include: Celtic knots, tigers, snakes, eagles, and barbwire. No matter what type of armband tattoo design you want, make sure it suits you well!(Terry)