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Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures
Aquarius is the water bearer, and many people like to utilize this image in their designs. It is not unusual to see the image of a strong young man spilling water from a jug over his shoulder; or a delicate pinup-type woman bathing in the ocean, scooping water into her long tresses. Some Aquarius tattoos may also have a slant in the direction of fantasy and feature a fairy-like creature standing in a dark pond, ladling up stars from the reflection in the water.
Aquarius Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo PicturesAquarius tattoos tend to be very expressive of this sign; that is, they tend to be creative, unconventional and communicative.
Aquarius Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo PicturesAquarius tattoos can also feature many images associated with the sign. There are many things that make up a sign, for Aquarius, this would be; the water bearer, glyph, the sun stone is turquoise, planet is Uranus and element is air. All of these elements can be translated into a scene; for instance, the water bearer with a jagged breastplate standing upon the cloudy surface of Uranus, emptying the water colored stones from his or her jug.
Aquarius Tattoos :Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures
Many Aquarius tattoos show the outline of the constellation. Spreading the stars out in various spots of a large area of the body and outlining them to form the sign of Aquarius can be both simple and stylish.

There are many options to choose from, but whether you decide upon something bold, or something simple, make sure to express the pride you feel in your confident, strong and inventive star sign.